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Wendy Davis
State Sen. Wendy Davis
"Crony contracts. Taxpayer abuse."
Should state senators be
on the payroll of entities
they oversee in Austin?
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State Senator Wendy Davis is under contract to be paid $400/hour in taxpayer dollars by the North Texas Tollway Authority to perform "legal services" on behalf of her client.

Records show Davis maintains several other public sector clients including DFW Airport and Fort Worth ISD.

Wendy Davis sat on the Transportation and Education committees during the 82nd legislature.

Is it right for a state senator to
change her vote on a bill related
to a government entity after
landing a lucrative contract to
represent it?
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Texas law bars lawmakers from voting on issues in which they have a "personal or private interest" or those that will directly benefit their personal business transactions.

In 2009, Wendy Davis voted against SB17 relating to toll projects. On March 17, 2011 NTTA approved hiring Davis' firm.

On March 29th 2011 Davis voted for SB19 (a priority bill for NTTA & virtually identical to SB17 from 2009).

Should a State Senator use
official taxpayer resources
to benefit their private
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In a 2010 press release announcing that Sen. Davis had joined the Cantey Hanger law firm, it listed Davis' taxpayer-funded communications director Anthony Spangler, Spangler's state email, and her official district office phone number as the press contact.

State Sen. Wendy Davis
says she has done nothing
illegal or unethical.
Do you believe her?
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The Public Integrity Unit, which prosecutes crimes related to state government, has been requested to investigate Wendy Davis for possible criminal activity. The Public Integrity Unit says they will look into allegations against after the November election.

With NTTA, "the perception of conflicts of interest is widely held," and the Authority has been steeped in ethical/legal controversy including an FBI investigation, conflicts of interest, and cronyism.

Even the media has described NTTA's dealings, like those with Wendy Davis, as a "lucrative betrayal of public trust." Texans have had enough of politicians abusing the system for their personal gain.

Time will tell if Wendy Davis' actions are illegal or unethical, but Texans can put an end to this taxpayer abuse in November.

North Texas Tollway Authority - Wendy Davis
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